Fencing Company Providing Landscaping Services in Derby
Including Garden Patios that Enhance Outdoor Space

The garden is an outdoor extension of the home in which households can relax, entertain and exercise. As a Derby homeowner, you may find garden maintenance feels like a lot of effort. For our landscaping and fencing company, it is about maximising the value of your property with a healthy lawn and functional outdoor areas which attract potential buyers. 

G & B Fencing and Landscaping can also create new hardscapes for your garden as part of our hard landscaping services, integrating features such as composite decking and garden patios. 

Our company also tends to soft landscaping elements, which you can learn more about by reading our testimonials. To request any of our services, from groundworks to garden maintenance, please contact us today.

Maintaining the Lawn

A well-kept lawn with curb appeal is a desirable feature for potential buyers. In the eyes of someone viewing your home in Derby or any of the surrounding areas we cover, it indicates you have looked after the property well. Regular garden maintenance and upkeep show consideration for your outdoor space and hard landscaping features could earn a return on your investment when you decide to sell.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Mowing the Lawn 

  • Pruning 

  • Weed Management 

  • Seasonal Flowers and Plants

Increase Garden Privacy

As a specialist fencing company, we make privacy and security a priority. Fencing is the key to a more private landscape, but we can also use shrubs and hedges to block views through large windows and doors. This enhances security and protects your personal space from nosy neighbours and burglars.

The G & B Fencing and Landscaping team will also install privacy fencing around the garden so occupants can sunbathe, exercise or socialise in peace. We can treat fencing and cut hedges seasonally through our garden maintenance packages. 

Our hard landscaping services across Derby include the design and installation of garden patios and composite decking. A decking roof, which is a popular option with customers, will significantly increase the sense of privacy in the garden.

Consider Sustainability

For an eco-friendlier landscape, we recommend turfing or artificial grass. Turf needs more seasonal care, but artificial grass doesn’t need watering and is drought-proof.

Artificial materials do not need treating with chemicals, although some maintenance is required. The installation and garden maintenance processes do not damage the environment. 

Sustainable features attract buyers because they often require less maintenance and can be more cost-effective over time than a natural turf installation. 

We also offer soft landscaping services that are good for the environment and visually pleasing, like lawn care, flower bed maintenance, tree planting, pruning and seeding.

Hardscape Features

Our team undertakes hard landscaping services across Derby, including the installation of composite decking. When potential buyers and customers view or visit the property, they will envision themselves alfresco dining in the summer months, using the beautiful space to socialise with guests, and finding time to relax whilst at one with nature.

G & B Fencing and Landscaping can also install garden patios. When laid next to patio doors, indoor and outdoor spaces merge and can even be used throughout the colder winter months if a landscaping and fencing company fits garden heaters. The attraction of year-round garden use could be another unique selling point for those looking to market a property.

For landscaping services and garden patios in Derby, please call 07800 828322 (Antony) or 07716 605240 (Steve).