Garden Maintenance in Derby and the Surrounding Areas | Professional Landscaping Services

At G & B Fencing and Landscaping Ltd, we undertake garden maintenance for domestic and commercial clients across Derby and the surrounding areas we cover. Regular lawn care and softscaping services help to keep unwanted pests off your land, prevent disease spreading between plants and maintain aesthetic appeal. We provide a professional service you can trust, which is reflected by our membership with the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

Our team will oversee the project from the planning and design stages right up to the final finishes. We also help balance hard and soft landscaping elements with features such as our durable and attractive garden patios.

Periodic Maintenance

For homeowners who spend a lot of time in their outdoor space, we recommend regular garden maintenance to keep the area in the best possible condition. Depending on the size of the garden, type of lawn and other factors, your outdoor space will need our services weekly, fortnightly or monthly. A short and healthy lawn will keep the garden in good visual condition, prevent pests from entering the land, and encourage plant growth. 

Our regular maintenance services include:

  • Flower Bed Care 

  • Garden  

  • Grass Cutting 

  • Hedge Removal and Trimming

  • Lawn Edging

  • Pruning

  • Seeding 

  • Tidy-Up 

  • Weed Removal 

  • Weed Spraying

We cover all elements of garden maintenance, including flower bed care. Without good management flower beds will become overgrown and eventually die out. Our maintenance service involves weeding, pruning, fertilizing and watering them to maintain their health. The team can design new flower beds or work with existing ones. 

At G & B Fencing and Landscaping, we can also install several types of lawn edging for clients across Derby. From a functional standpoint edging keeps the flower beds separate from the lawn, preventing soil and mulch from spreading during heavy rainfall. Edging can also be used for aesthetic purposes, creating a distinct path, and acting as a barrier between the lawn and any unwanted weed growth. 

The team can also fit edging along garden patios for a seamless transition to the lawn.

Regular garden maintenance is vital for our commercial clients. Preventing pests, encouraging the growth of beautiful plants and sustaining the aesthetics of an outdoor space will attract more customers to local pubs or hotels, and improve the look of a school playground.


Garden Clearance and Tidy Up

Perhaps you’ve recently been away from home, or maybe the garden just hasn’t been your top priority. Whatever the case, G & B Fencing and Landscaping’s professional clearance and tidy-up services are the perfect solution to get an overgrown garden back under control. This is usually a one-off major service to get your garden looking great again. We complete domestic and commercial garden clearance for clients across Derby and the surrounding areas.

Our team will begin by removing unwanted leaves and debris, including hazardous or large items. Then we start the tidying-up process, cutting and mowing the lawn, getting rid of weeds and removing or trimming the hedge. Finally, we carry out protective works, including root-targeted weed spraying, to kill them and limit future growth.

For garden maintenance across Derby and the surrounding areas, please call 07800 828322 (Antony) or 07716 605240 (Steve).